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Jason Calacanis

E10: Apurva Mehta and Jack Altman on Sam Altman, CalPERS, and Liquidation Preferences

E10 • Apr 6, 2024 • 57 mins

David Weisburd hosts Apurva Mehta, Jack Altman, and Jason Calacanis to discuss Sam Altman’s huge investment wins, the role of SPVs), CalPERS increasing their exposure to venture, and liquidation preferences.

Key Points

  • Sam Altman's success as an investor stems from his ability to think independently about the future, bet on it confidently, and identify non-obvious talent.
  • Venture capital firms are increasingly aligning their fund sizes with their portfolio strategies to ensure they can effectively support their investments without overextending.
  • The recent trend of increasing liquidation preferences in venture deals reflects a more cautious investment environment, where investors seek greater downside protection.
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