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Jason Calacanis

E4: Dry Powder in Venture Capital, VC Ratings, and more with Grady Buchanan and Victor Gutwein

E4 • Feb 9, 2024 • 81 mins

David Weisburd hosts Grady Buchanan, Victor Gutwein, and Jason Calacanis to discuss dry powder in VC, VCs rating VCs, a study on whether returns persist in venture capital, and much more

Key Points

  • VC dry powder reached a record $300 billion in 2023, raising questions about fund managers' strategies for capital deployment and the implications for LPs' returns.
  • Top quartile venture capital funds show a strong persistence in performance, with 45% continuing to achieve top quartile returns, emphasizing the importance of access to these funds for LPs.
  • The rise of AI and automation in various industries, including agriculture and SaaS, is creating investment opportunities in startups that offer significant efficiency improvements and address unmet needs in their respective sectors.
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