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Jason Calacanis

E16: AI investments, VC ecosystem geography, and VC hypocrisy

E16 • May 27, 2024 • 64 mins

In this episode, Jason Calacanis, David Weisburd, Michael Eisenberg, and Jaime Matus discuss AI investments, comparing trends with the dot-com bubble. They delve into the importance of price discipline, managing a diverse portfolio, and the emotional aspects of venture capital. The changing role of VCs, the impact of geography on the VC ecosystem, and the importance of company culture are also explored.

Key Points

  • The Bay Area still leads in venture funding, but New York, Boston, LA, San Diego, and Austin combined match its investment, indicating a geographic diversification in the startup ecosystem.
  • Despite predictions of remote work leveling the playing field, physical proximity in key ecosystems remains important for startup success, especially for first-time founders seeking to immerse themselves in a high-performance environment.
  • The rise of new tech hubs in regions like the UAE, combined with the spread of Silicon Valley's venture model globally, suggests an increasing globalization and regional specialization within the venture capital landscape.
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