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Jason Calacanis

E14: Major challenger to OpenAI, xAI, closing on $6B in funding

E14 • May 6, 2024 • 62 mins

David Weisburd hosts Joshua Berkowitz, Donald Stalter and Jason Calacanis to discuss xAI raising $6B for his new AI startup, PitchBook's report on Emerging Managers, SVB’s venture portfolio situation, and much more!

Key Points

  • Jason Calacanis discusses his enthusiasm for the New York Knicks, mentioning their grit and heart, and the fact that none of the players were top 15 picks, while also sharing a personal anecdote about attending a game in Philadelphia and making dinner bets on the outcome of the games.
  • The podcast covers a range of topics including Elon Musk's AI competitor to OpenAI, XAI, which raised a significant funding round, and the panelists discuss the potential commoditization of LLMs (large language models), the importance of unique datasets, and the high capital intensity and competitive nature of the AI industry.
  • The conversation also touches on the performance of emerging venture capital managers versus established ones, with insights into the advantages of emerging managers, portfolio construction for LPs, and the importance of GP commitment and passion for venture investing.
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