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Jason Calacanis

E7: Sequoia & Union Square Returns, the Post-AI Labor Market, and the Return of SF?

E7 • Mar 1, 2024 • 52 mins

In this episode, the panel dives into the intricacies of VC returns, dissecting the successful strategies of Union Square Ventures. They explore the effects of AI on startups, labor dynamics, and how Elon Musk evaluates his workforce. The conversation shifts to the influence of AI on LPs and VCs, and the emergence of decentralized structures in crypto. They also discuss trends in VC geography and the role of risk tolerance in US startups, before wrapping up with a reflection on recent investments.

Key Points

  • VC returns can vary dramatically, with the top quartile or top 5% earning significantly more than the rest, and vintages starting at the tail end of severe crises often outperform others.
  • The recent trend of layoffs exceeding voluntary quits in the startup employment market may signal a shift towards increased automation and offshoring, potentially impacting job security and salary expectations.
  • As AI and other technologies continue to develop, they may lead to the creation of new job categories and investment opportunities, despite the potential threat of job displacement in certain sectors.
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