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Jason Calacanis

E9: Dave Mcclure & Jordan Stein on YC, "Spray and Pray", and Games VCs Play

E9 • Mar 29, 2024 • 86 mins

David Weisburd hosts Dave McClure, Jordan Stein, and Jason Calacanis to discuss the evolution of fund spaces. The discuss investing in the YC ecosystem (00:28), the role of secondary funds today(30:00), and the importance of betting on outliers (55:18).

Key Points

  • YC's batch sizes and the future of the accelerator model are key topics of debate, with concerns about the impact of increasing batch sizes on the quality and success of startups.
  • Secondary markets are gaining attention as an alternative path to liquidity, particularly for funds and individual investors seeking exits in a market with fewer IPOs and acquisitions.
  • The current venture climate indicates a slight uptick in capital call requests, signaling a potential return of VC bullishness and a shift towards renewed investment activity.
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