A podcast & yearly conference for LPs and GPs. Hosted by @Jason (fka The Angel Podcast & Angel Summit).
Jason Calacanis

E1: Michael Kim, Jason Calacanis, and David Weisburd on VC marks, Keith Rabois back at Khosla, and more

E1 • Jan 12, 2024 • 56 mins

Michael Kim joins David Weisburd and Jason Calacanis to discuss LP doubts around GPs marking startups, LP portfolio construction, secondary strategies, Keith Rabois returning to Khosla Ventures, and more!

Key Points

  • Jason Calacanis and David Weiszberg discuss the importance of accurate venture fund valuations and the potential red flags when GPs don't mark down investments in a timely manner.
  • Michael Kim emphasizes the significance of GPs being transparent and proactive with LPs about markdowns, noting it builds goodwill and trust in the venture capital community.
  • The conversation highlights the complexities of LP-GP relationships, including the impact of public personas and social media activity of fund managers on their professional relationships and decision-making.
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